Red and Black Bling Stiletto Nails

Hi Everyone,

I recently changed the shape of my nails to Stilettos and i am in love with it. Before getting them shaped like this I used to have my nails square shaped but i feel that this shape make my hands look gorgeous than the squared tip.Have a look -



As soon as i shaped my nails i painted them with my most fav color combo - Red & Black.

Then i decided to Decorate these nails with Rhinestones which will be ideal for new year or festive season.

I used Rhinestones from Bornpretty Store.Find them here.If you wanna buy it,you can use coupon code ZJL91 to get 10% off during checkout.


I have also used Red Rhinestone that i bought from a local shop.

Here is the look i created with these Rhinestone.This looks absolutely Gorgeous and perfect for New Year Party. 








 What do you think about these nails?