Peacock Nail Art

Hey All,

Today i am sharing my peacock nail art.Peacock is the national bird of India & Symbol of grace,joy,beauty and love.I absolutely adore amazing colors and flashy spots and i wanted to paint it on my nails.

So,I started with white base on all the nails and then created gradient using blue,yellow and green colors.

Then on my middle finger,I stamped peacock using bornpretty Store's Stamping plate -BP04 & red stamping polish.

Using thin painting brush and green acrylic paint,i outlined and shaded the peacock that i stamped.

Then,on Thumb and pinky finger i made random lines and swirls.On index and ring finger i used star decoration again from bornpretty store.Find it  here.Its a set of 12 colours and here in this art i used blue and green stars to compliment the peacock design!



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And here is the final look.Hope you all like this nail art.