Peacock Nail Art

Hey All,

Today i am sharing my peacock nail art.Peacock is the national bird of India & Symbol of grace,joy,beauty and love.I absolutely adore amazing colors and flashy spots and i wanted to paint it on my nails.

Red and Black Bling Stiletto Nails

Hi Everyone,

I recently changed the shape of my nails to Stilettos and i am in love with it. Before getting them shaped like this I used to have my nails square shaped but i feel that this shape make my hands look gorgeous than the squared tip.Have a look -


Read my Interview in Zuri - Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog


Sharing good news with you all :) I am featured in the website -  Zuri. Its an Indian Makeup & beauty blog.
 I feel flattered for being a First Nail Artist to be featured.Please Read my Exclusive interview here -  

Stop Violence Against Women

 It has been two years since the 16 December Delhi gangrape outraged the entire nation and people flooded the streets demanding women's safety. However, even after the incident shook the nation, nothing has been achieved until today.

Today i have used my talent to spread awareness on  VAW. .

In this nail art i used long artificial nails from Bornpretty Store and have tried to portray the irony of being a women and have tried to motivate her to take stand against violence and be strong enough to break the silence. 

 I request you all to make a promise to take action against violence or discrimination against women wherever you may see it or have the power to make change.Share your promise to take an action,through social media.One million men,one million promises.End violence against women!

Chhattisgarh Tribal Nail Art

Hi Everyone,

Today i am sharing with you my tribal nail art which is dedicated to my beautiful state Chhattisgarh.I have made this nail art on Chhattisgarh's foundation day.Chhattisgarh is a state in Central India and it is the 10th largest state.The state was Established on 1 November 2000 and if you are following me on Instagram,you have already seen this nail art.

 Chhattisgarh is the most beautiful state of tribal India!The state consists of sixteen beautiful districts which are all blessed with the nature’s bounty.The state is also significant for creating some of the best items of handicrafts.The tribal people is known for colorful and unique crafts made from bamboos, jute, clay wood and Dhokra wax art etc.

Here are some examples :-

Clash of Clans Nail Art

Hi Everyone,

Today i am sharing a very fun mani with you all! Its Clash of Clans Nail Art!!!It is an epic combat strategy game.