Clash of Clans Nail Art

Hi Everyone,

Today i am sharing a very fun mani with you all! Its Clash of Clans Nail Art!!!It is an epic combat strategy game.



Well in this nail art i have made Archer,Goblin and Wizard from the game.



-On index finger i have made Archer.

Archer is a female with pink hair and sharp eyes.She wears a short,green dress and matching cape.She also wears a  leather belt and attached small pouch.


- Middle Finger -Goblin.

The Goblin is a green creature with large pointy ears and red eyes. Goblins wear brown pants and shoes. They carry a large sack, full of resources stolen from the enemy.


Ring Finger - Wizard.

- The Wizard is a magical unit that wears a hooded cloak, a leather belt with golden buckle and matching boots.Here on the ring finger nail,i have just made the face of the Wizard.

-On pinky Finger nail I have made Shield.

On thumb i have simply written Clash of Clans :)



So what do you think about these nails? I am sure Clash of clan lovers would love to have this art on nails.

If you like this art please share it with your friends!