My Facebook inspired nail art Featured in Cosmopolitan India

Hi All,

 Remember a few days back,i told you guys that my blog was featured in Patrika Newspaper ?

And now i am glad to share with you guys that my social media inspired nail art is Featured in Cosmopolitan India's May Issue !! wohhoo

I have included photos of the magazine,the page my design is featured on and a close up of my work...if you are subscribed to the magazine you will find my design on page 70.



Here’s the cover of Cosmopolitan India- May Issue:


I did Facebook inspired nail art.Have a look -

I am so honoured to be featured among other talented bloggers!


I made different facebook icons like notification , message and  like button !

Here are the tools and paints i used to do this nail art-

Hope you all like this nail art..I would like to thank you so much guys for being so supportive!! I really appreciate it !