"Hot Summer Nails"

Hello Everyone.. :)

How have you been?

I have done another summer nail art and loving it very much.This is very Bright and bold..

This technique is "Needle Dragging" and is a great way to get a marbled look on your nails.

Here are the steps by which you can achieve this look :

Colour used : Red,Yellow,Orange.

1.Apply base coat.

2.Paint thick layer of your first colour on 1/3 of your nail.

3.Paint thick layer of your second colour down the middle.

4.Finish with thick layer of your third color.

5.Drag the needle in a zigzag motion across your nail to marble the colours.

And that's it.Apply your fav top coat!!
You can use Needles, pins, toothpicks , or any pointed thing to do this art.

Hope you like this design...


  1. Wow! Your rock it! I totally love this. The color combo is stunning.. Love the marbling effect! :)
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