Multicolor Nail Art design with Tutorial

Hie everyone....

Here is the Multicolor nail art design with tutorial....I have done this design earlier Here

This is very easy beautiful design & this pattern can be done with any colors you like.Anyone can replicate this design especially Unsteady Hands as you don't need to be very much perfect for this design.No technique required.This is Simple Hand Painting so you dont need any tool for this nail art.Only your normal nail polishes & Striper. So lets get started :


Step 1: Neaten the shape of your nails and apply a layer of base coat after that to protect your nails.

Step 2: Take any color and start applying it randomly(make patches of different colors on ur nails). Repeat the process with all the colors.

Tip:The best way is to take very less amount of polish on your brush.If you want Abstract kind of look-Start painting from outside the nail to inside till you reach the center of the nail and slide the brush and make tapering strokes.

Step 3: Now,with your striping brush make alternative stripes from white and black colour.This step is optional.I love the look with stripes also.

Step 4: Apply top coat and you are Done!!

Isn't it so easy??