Celebration Time Nail Art

Hi All,

This is the peak time for party and celebration so here's my fun filled nail art with Chivas Regal.

This nail art is inspired by Chivas regal and is perfect for new year celebration.

I started with black base and then on middle finger i made the logo of Chivas regal using acrylic paints.On ring finger i made wine glasses.

On my Index and pinky finger i really wanted to incorporate something that would perfectly match the other two finger so i decided to use  fun club card decorations from Bornpretty Store .Find them here and if you want to buy it then you can use my coupon code - ZJL91 and enjoy 10% off .

The 4 suits of card(heart,dimond,spades,club) look very classy and perfectly gave the look that i wanted.

I also made 2nd version of this nail art.Have a look-

I have changed the suits decorations and the art on ring finger.Here on the ring fingers i stamped a dancing girl and on rest of the finger i used golden square studs.On thumb i have just made random swirl pattern.

So this is the final look.Do you like this nail art? I like both the designs.Which one is your favorite ?

With this fun filled pattern,I wish you all A very happy,prosperous and fun filled New year...