Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps

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 Today I have something very special - review of some Nail Monster JPN nail wraps.This is a Japan based company.

Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps


Nail wraps are really great as everyone can achieve beautiful eye-catching designs or effects with a minimum of mess,time and effort. They're perfect for a last minute fix or for DIY nails!So , For an instant bold manicure, try  nail wraps.


"Nail monster" sell high-performance nail wraps to the world , online.The wraps are self adhesive and can last longer. These are the Japanese top quality products which has the best convenience and refined designs.You can experience higher-grade nail arts by these stickers..

Nail monster nail wraps also include a nail file and a card with mascots of Nail Monster on the back of it.(Here you can see leopard print nail wrap)


Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps

These cards are great if you want to gift these nail wraps to your friends.You can write messages for them in this card .


Also on the back of the nail wrap,there are some instructions given with the images on how to use these wraps,but instruction is in Japanese language.I wish it was written in English!

 Anyways,let me show the nail wraps!Nail monster have recently opened there shop so they have total 15 designs of nail wraps. Here i will show you 13 designs and you can find two more designs in their shop.And I am sure they will bring more amazing designs soon!



 1st - Love game Nail wrap


Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps

2nd - Pastel flower Nail Wrap
Look at this nail wrap.Isn't this gorgeous.I love the pastel flowers and i think its great for spring as well as summer  season.

Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps

3rd- American comics design Nail Wrap

This is so wonderful comic design!!

Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps

4th - Dream adventure Nail Wrap

Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps

5th - French Kiss Nail Wrap

Awesome and lovely nail wraps with the accent color of pink! it's so cute :D



 6th - Hugs & Kisses Nail Wrap 


 This nail wrap is in Red and White color with xoxo(Hugs and kisses sign) in it.You can also see hearts between xoxo.This is beautiful and i think everyone wants reds and pinks on their nails.




7th - Heart and Lips Nail wrap

Overlapping white heart on dark pink with light pink accent nails..Beautiful!Its great for valentine day :)


8th- Triple Love lee Tip Nail Wrap

These are lovely chips in the shape of stars, moons and hearts...

9th- Neon Leopard Print Nail Wrap


10th - Joy Poodle Nail Wrap


11- Happy Hawaiian Nail Wrap

These are Aloha patterns with the color of hawaiian art on nail wraps.

12th - Fantasy Sky Nail Wrap

World of Fantasy that is shining starry sky.So cute and lovely !!!

13th - Fannie Trap Nail Wrap

  Do you like these design??

You can see that the pack contain 16 wraps which really come in a good variety of sizes.Also, they are quite long ,so you can cut them in half so each one can be used twice. ;)  


So ill show you a nail art that i did using these Leopard print nail wrap. I know they are usually used on all fingers, but let me let tell you that there can be endless possibilities such as "Accent nails".


Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps


I kept black as the base color and used wrap on my index and pinky finger.Then, i added Round & Square Stud Rhinestones on rest of the nails.I also wanted reverse french style in this nail art so i have applied the sticker in such a way that there is a gap by the cuticle, to reveal the color underneath .


Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps


  • Application process of these nail wraps is very simple,but it takes practice.My nails are curved, so the hardest part was dealing with the wrinkles. If they didn't wrinkle at the sides, they wrinkled at the tips.On the website it is mentioned to blow dry wrap for few seconds as wrinkles can sometimes be straightened out after applying heat.I skipped this but will try this step next time and let you guys know if that works!!

Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps

  •   After applying nail wraps , ALWAYS paint a clear top coat on top of the nail wraps.

  •   I am wearing this mani for 9 days .The edge on the tip is little peeled but everything is still holding up well.So i can say that it is durable!

Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps


     Do i recommend Nail Monster Nail Wraps?

  • I definitely Recommend It. These are easy to use, quick to apply and super long lasting. Would be great for vacation where you won’t have time to do your nails, but still want them to look good.Also there are a lot of creative styles to change up your nails without much work


If you are wondering how to order from this shop then click to know the ordering process here .

  • These nail wraps cost around $15-$16.You might think that it is expensive but as i said that these are of really high quality and lasts longer,so the price is also high.Also, you need to pay $9 for shipping. 

  • Your order will be shipped to you via Japan Post EMS.
  • You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week.
  •  Nail Monster delivers the products quickly everywhere in the world

  • I was impressed as my package reached safely in just 4 Days!! The delivery is really very fast !


  • Payment Options:

      Credit and debit cards.

        The following credit and debit cards can be used:



          •American Express




Shop Link -

You can like them on facebook-  They have 338,447 fans on facebook from more than 30 countries around the world.


What do you think about these wraps?Let me know :)

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