Rainbow Ombre

 Hey guys.. :)
This time i tried ombre rainbow mani!!I love making ombre nail art designs...
Have a look..

I'm sure it can be improved upon, but for a first go at it,I'm well pleased with the results!

The technique I used was using a makeup sponge and painting directly onto it then sponging onto my nails.There are other techniques for ombre but I figured this may be one of the easier techniques.

It took about three different "coats" (or spongings) onto the nail in order for it to be this vibrant.By sponging multiple times onto the nail,it also blends the color more.

After i sponged all the colors i applied topcoat and then a rhinestone on each nail as shown in the picture.

 This design is totally inspired by Cutepolish and she did a phenomenal job in her Video
When the whole look was completed i thought to apply a coat of clear glitter polish.here's the look-

I hope you like this design.Give it a try!

Enjoy & feel free to share your results if you try it! I'd love to see!