Freehand Rose Nail Art

For today's Mani,I made freehand Roses.This was my very first attempt at roses,and I have to admit,I'm in love with the way this mani turned out.I used Black and Red color as they are my most favorite colors.

It's much simpler than it looks and the results are definitely a stand out.Just Start by painting on your base colour and letting it dry completely.Paint on some random circles and don't worry if they aren't perfectly round.Take a darker colour and draw some contour lines within each circle.Next, using a lighter colour,draw on some highlights in the same way.Then add one or two leaves to each flower.
Finally, add a top coat..And there ya have it,roses in a couple of quick steps!

If you decide to give this look a go,I'd love to see your pictures. You can post them on my Facebook Page.