Bornpretty Store's Chameleon polish 212 & Rhinestones

Hi Beauties,

Today i am showing you my nail art that i did using Bornpretty Store's chameleon polish #212 and Rhinestones.

When i saw this color shifting polish i immediately imagined it pairing with these rhinestones as they are also multichrome .

I first applied a black base color on all the nails and then coated it with chameleon polish #212 except on middle finger where i applied the stones.

Then, i thought to go lil crazy with the pattern i made on middle finger,so i extended the rhinestone wave on my finger.

It looked so amazing that i couldn't stop try something new.A lovely heart clicked my mind so I made a crazy wave carrying a heart in between using rhinestones starting from my nails looking tempted to touch the end of the finger.

Overall i loved the chameleon polish #212 just the look of which on my nail-with so much shine and amazing colors all in 1 starting from golden-copper-orange-brown-bluish- maroon and green on 1 finger and magically changes its sequence on another nail.I really love how they look and how well they shift from one colour to another.

There are 6 colors available and you can find them here. You can also use my coupon code ZJL91 to get 10% off.