Nail art tools and decorations Review

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Today I have a review of 4 nail art items from

What are these 4 items?Well Have a look-



 So First  is Nail Art foils set-


 This set includes 5 pots of gold foil and 7 pots of silver foil.

 Now,in case you are wondering how to use these foils,then let me tell you that you can use it whichever way you want.You can either rip off big pieces and make some smaller flakes with the help of two flat brushes or if you want you can cover your whole nail with this foil :)


 If you have these foils,you don't need to buy actual 24k gold leaf  topcoat available in the market because With these foils you can actually create you own gold and silver top coat.Great hun?

And there is a lot in just 1 pot so i think these will last forever :D.


You can get this foil set for  $4.12 Here

Second Nail Decoration is 12 Colors Shred/tinsel Nail Art Decoration - 


 You've probably seen hexagonal glitter before, but today i am showing you Tinsel glitters which is very popular in the world of nail art.They're like tiny thread  glitters.


You get 12 different colours to play with! I think that the colours in this set will prove to be extremely versatile for a great variety of  looks.The little pots they come in may seem small, but when you open them you can see there is loads in there and they will last quite a while.I am totally loving these glitters.The colors are amazing and they are solid, which is always a plus if you want them to stand out on your nails.
If you want to buy this set,You can get this Here



 Next is Dotting Tool set-



 5 nail art dotting tools with 2 different ends for different marbleizing desires.One end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller one.These are of very high quality, and a perfect variety of sizes for the dots!

 To me they are very useful for my nail art decorations, dots, flower petals, leafs, some particular kind of lines and shades and for filling some shapes with nail polish


 In the pictures below you can see 10 different ends (each dotting tool has balls of 2 different sizes at the ends)

 I think that small sizes are repeated.There is no visible difference!

Smaller dotting tools are also great for placing glitters and stones or other embellishments when dipped in clear polish first,to make them a bit sticky.

The tools are very easy to clean by using acetone or wiping clean when the nail polish is still wet with a wet cloth. Overall the product is aesthetically pleasing, easy to hold and use, easy to clean and great value. 

You can get this for  $3.15 HERE


Last item is 4pcs Nail Art Painting Pen Brush Set

Look at them... Exquisite piece isn't it?I totally love the floral design on these brushes <3


This set contains 4pc- 1*Fan brush & 3*Detailing brushes (different sizes)


The bristles are of very good quality and feel so soft yet sturdy to create amazing nail designs.These brushes are really great for fine detailing work!I am using these from last few months and i am pretty much liking it!

Oh and one suggestion *JUST DON'T DIP THEM TOO FAR IN ACETONE* this will ruin the beautiful pattern on the brush !This brush set is for  $6.93 and you can get these here.


 So do you like these items?You can get more nail art items in website!Go check out :D



 *Few items were sent for review purpose!

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