Bornpretty Store New Nail Art Water Decals

Bornpretty Store have many new kinds Nail Art Water Decals ! The patterns for those water decals are very interesting .  They are very nice and colorful . Do you want to use them make nice nail art designs ?Then Click here to buy those decals!


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Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps

 Hello  Readers!

 Today I have something very special - review of some Nail Monster JPN nail wraps.This is a Japan based company.

Nail Monster JPN Nail Wraps

Summer Dresses nail art

Hello all,

Today i am showing you my Summer Dress nail art.This is our 4rd theme for the stnchallenge.

Summers in India are very hot.So i made different summer dresses with chilling effect to kill the heat.

Go India,Vote!

With the onset of elections, i made a nail art of the symbols of the biggest political parties in India.
When you come across a  symbol, the first thing to cross your mind is the respective political party.Symbols are one of the most effective recall measures of the parties.And supposedly these symbols summarize all the values and beliefs of the respective sides in one logo. 

Orange temptation

Hey guys!!


Welcome back ....
Summers are so hot..Isn't it?

So,I am showing my another Hand painted Summer Nail art which is inspired by summer fruits. This is also our 3rd theme for the stnchallenge.

So,For this theme I decided to paint some Oranges. I also wanted neon background, so i did gradient effect on my Index,Ring and Pinky finger with neon green and yellow nail polish.On my middle and thumb finger nail,i painted bunch of orange slices!!


 Have a look -

Orange nail art

Welcome back Summers

Hi Guys,

Today i am showing you My First Nail Art for summer 2014..

I've also joined a Summer nail art  challenge where we will be doing some nail art on popular summer themes.


 SO our first there is WELCOME BACK SUMMERS

So here is my bright nail art to welcome summers!!


Summer nail art